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William S.

Thank you for this email, and your earlier phone call. I am very favorably impressed with your customer service, and will recommend your company to my friends.

Within an hour of placing my order, someone from your company called me to make sure I knew that the charging station has a cable wrap feature and therefore I might not need the cradle. I never had a company call me and suggest I might want to cancel an order. Very thoughtful of you. As it turns out with my installation specifics I do want the cradle, and it arrived very quickly.

And then, you voluntarily gave me a lower price shipping method. Outstanding!

Paul H.

First, thank you! It was quite a treat when the box arrived from ClipperCreek. I owned a manufacturing company for 28 years. Your company is the only other company that stands behind their products 100%. I have been spreading my story to all of my EV friends. You are my new example to everyone I meet of how customers should be treated.

Donny O.

The entire experience with CipperCreek was top notch. It’s not often these days that you received a great product, packaged well, and outstanding customer support! It’s the small details that impress me.

Cliff A.

I have to take a moment to pass on my appreciation for the way you are treating me as a customer. Your attention to shortening delivery and reducing the cost, unsolicited, is above and beyond what I am used to with online orders.  Please pass on this sincere compliment and acknowledgement of your company’s integrity so lacking in today’s market. Thank you for your customer support, AND the added information you provided about how to pursue possible state incentives, again such a refreshing surprise!!  I can’t wait to try out your product.

Alice F.

Wow, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this company. I have had my ClipperCreek charger working great in my garage for SIX years, first charging my Nissan LEAF and now the Nissan and a Tesla. My Tesla was plugged in on an icy day and somehow slid down the driveway on the ice after I went in the house, yanking the cord and breaking off the nozzle.

I called ClipperCreek (who of course had done nothing wrong) and they were really curious and asked for photos and looked at them on the phone with me. They for some reason offered to ship me a new charging station on good faith and then had me ship the damaged one back to them AFTER I received and installed the new one! I’m not sure why, except that I expressed worry that I would be without charging in the middle of winter around the holidays. I sent them the broken one and they charged me for the cost of replacing the cable and let me keep the new one. I can’t even believe it.

The personal care, the going the extra mile … the trusting me to pay them later … you just don’t get this kind of service anymore.

Christine M.

Thank you for the quality service, quick delivery, and information, Joel. Your company gets great reviews on the internet, now I see why. Also, thank you for being a part of the solution!

Robert K.

When I looked at your website, and found the very helpful charger recommendation tool, with the information about each charger and each vehicle needs/wants, I was impressed. And, I’ll now add to that feeling by saying the personal touch you put on delivering the receipt and associated tips shows me that the company is really thinking about the customer experience and how that can grow the business. Clippercreek’s approach is refreshing.

P. John

This is a first rate company with a great product. Been using it a month now and I am completely satisfied.

John H.

I received the unit yesterday and it is already doing it’s job well. Thank you. I am already impressed by a few things.

    1. Made in USA
    2. Prompt clear communications from your company
    3. Packaging
    4. Competitive pricing
    5.  Appearance of charging unit. 

Good job ClipperCreek!

Barb and Barry

Purchasing an EV was a big step for us and the decision process took a long time. The easiest part was selecting a charging station. Someone suggested ClipperCreek and each ClipperCreek person with whom we spoke was patient, knowledgeable and efficient. So far the product has been excellent and the company superb to work with.

Chris H.

I saw so many ClipperCreek public stations around that I decided that must be the level 2 charger for me! Great charger and a great company. Customer service is awesome!

Leslie E.

Thanks so much Amanda for being so helpful. I will definitely be ordering your charger. I was impressed with your website as well as the newsletter that featured your management and CEO. His comment about finding an EV Certified electrician is was what helped me seal the deal.

As a woman, homeowner, divorcee and a single parent, it is easy to fall victim to scammers out there. This alone makes unsure of what to do or who to believe. I was exhausted using the public chargers but fearful of being ripped off by a contractor.

Thanks so much ClipperCreek, for taking the time to help me make an informed decision.

Jeff T.

This is the second HCS-50P I’ve purchased. The first one, bought 2-years ago, is mounted in my garage. I used it to originally charge a Tesla Model S and now a Model 3. It has worked flawlessly. I’ve been impressed by its build quality and safety certifications. This is why I’m willing to pay  more than your competitor’s products.

 The new unit will be externally mounted and used to charge our other EV. I live in the Colorado Rockies near a ski resort and we experience severe winter weather. I believe your product is up to the challenge.

Other EVSE companies advertise the Wi-Fi and smartphone app capabilities of their products. CC doesn’t offer these. At first glance, their Wi-Fi and software seems like an advantage for them. It really isn’t. The ability to communicate with an EV is usually a feature of the car’s software and its mobile app – not the EVSE.

Example:  both my Tesla and LEAF have mobile apps that allow me to start, schedule, and monitor energy use.

I don’t need the EVSE to have its own Wi-Fi connection or software – all of this and more is handled by the car’s mobile apps through cell, Wi-Fi, or increasingly Bluetooth.

Basically, your competitor’s customers are paying for something they don’t need and won’t use. Better to focus on making the EVSE safer and more durable (like you have). Thanks!

L. Elliot

Thanks so much. This is all very helpful. For that I will definitely be ordering your charger. I was impressed with your website and the newsletter that featured your management and CEO. His remark about finding an EV certified electrician was what helped me seal the deal. As a woman and homeowner, and a divorced single parent, it is easy to fall  victim to the scammers out there. This alone makes me procrastinate because I am generally unsure what to do or who to believe. I was exhausted using the public chargers but fearful of being ripped off by a contractor. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me make an informed decision.

C. Amin

First of thanks to new technology. I’ve been an EV user for last three years, BMW i3 user for two years. Drove 75,000 miles in last two years, and have enjoyed it. I recently purchased Chevy Bolt and loving it!  I am proud myself …. I am part of community that understands the advantage of EV cars. I have multiple business and drive to all locations. Before I started driving an EV, I had calculated my GAS expenses …. in 6 years I had spent $60,000 dollars just in GAS. Compare to $6,000 dollars in electric bill for last three years. Well Solar Panels are plus, just look at the statistics. ClipperCreek helped me to save even more. Best charger on the market. On top of that, World Class Customer Service!

Let me share my Experience….

Leasing a BMW i3, Customer Service helped me to understand charging technology, so I had bought their charger at 1/3 price compared to the Bosch Technologies charger as BMW recommended. It worked flawless. Charger came with 2 year warranty. My charger stopped working after 23 months. I think it was only few days left before the warranty expired. I had called Customer Service and explained the problem.

They sent me a brand new replacement. I was speechless. I am now using this charger for my Chevy Bolt. Thank you ClipperCreek!

Mike S.

When deciding which charging station to purchase, the proximity of ClipperCreek, their domestic production, and the reportedly excellent customer service were large factors in my decision. I’m pleased that the customer service was just as good as I’d read. I anticipate our family will need another L2 charger in the future and so far ClipperCreek is the prime candidate.

M. Lurie

An excellent charger from a reputable company. This is one of the best chargers you can buy. It’s set up to be plugged in an outlet or hardwired. Due to my county’s electric code, having a hardwired unit is critical. The only downside of this unit is it’s a 32 amp charger while the new EVs coming out can support 50 amps. I didn’t see the value in doubling the price of a charger for the extra amps. I would happily buy Clipper Creek again.

Ken K.

Great products, great customer service. All made in U.S.A. You’re a great company! So glad I found you!

Stephen Wooten

I’m a big fan and a customer for life. As a new Leaf owner, from the start, you patiently educated me on plug ends so I would install the right 240V receptacle. And now, when my house had an electrical surge, I called on a Friday evening, 20 minutes after your official hours, but you still picked up the phone. What’s more, you generously replaced my charger at no cost.

Thank you for your determined staff, dedicated professionalism, and always dependable customer service. You folks rock! Another evangelistic customer for ClipperCreek and yours truly,

Stephen Wooten Atlanta, GA

Happy Customer

Great product made in the USA. Soon after placing my order Joel called me to confirm the order details as most people don’t order two charge docks and offer ongoing support. This a high quality USA product with great customer service. As a fleet manager for a local agency, I highly recommend Clipper Creek.

Black Bear Solar Institute

We admire ClipperCreek for their commitment to designed and built in the US products, and use and recommend them every chance we get.

Bob Harris 
Black Bear Solar Institute

Rhonald J.

Thank you for your diligence in finding a better (and less expensive) shipment method. Thank you also for your timely and useful suggestions. I had forgotten about the charger incentives.

Products and people such as yourself are the reason why ClipperCreek has received such good ratings on places like Amazon. I intend to add to them in the very near future.


Thanks again to all there who helped us get the unit delivered in time to meet the installation deadline for the federal tax credit, especially during the holidays. We’ve been really pleased to get into an electric vehicle at a price we can afford, and federal and state tax credits really help. The HCS-40 EVSE is fantastic – could not be happier with it. It’s allowing me to change how often I charge our new Nissan LEAF because it gets the job done so quickly, making the easy even easier.

 I’m sorry I deleted the message from the person I spoke with on the phone after I forwarded it to our electrician. I can’t pull up the message now so I can confidently thank him by name. If memory serves (and it usually doesn’t) his name is Brandon. Even if I have that wrong, though, just want to make sure to say, _great_ customer service. He was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient – patiently answered all my questions and made sure the EVSE would be available in time before making any promises. The whole experience was informative, quick and simple, and things went exactly according to plan from there. Could not ask for more!

Happy to recommend ClipperCreek to friends and future customers.

L. D'Luna

Thank you very much! I am really impressed with the ClipperCreek Unit, but I am more impressed by your customer service!

Martin B.

Thanks for taking care of this for me. As a consumer these little things — as I know this was not a money making sale — make a huge difference when dealing with a business. You and your company are top notch thus making it very easy to recommend to others that they purchase your product (which by the way is a great product!). Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend!

Bill W.

Thank you for providing a high-quality product, and excellent customer service. I will recommend ClipperCreek to anyone who asks my opinion.

Jerry P.

Aloha, your company is awesome. I had a problem with my HCS—40 and fault codes. Jose Flores was very helpful in getting me to find the fault code and sent me out a new unit in a very expeditious manner. Great companies that stand behind their products are hard to find these days. It’s very evident that your one of those companies by employing such a professional like Jose.

Mahalo, Jerry

Steve J.

This product works great. The cord is long so placement wasn’t an issue. I received it in good condition on time. I was having trouble with my charger that came with the car. I was so satisfied with this unit that I was going to buy one of theirs to replace it. I called and the person I talked to gave me suggestions on how to make mine work. Essentially passing a sale. That’s a sign of a good company; good customer service over profit.

Tom M.

I just wanted to say I’ve been impressed with the level of service and quality of your product.  Keep up the good work!

Shopify Toronto

We have been using the ClipperCreek charger here at our office for all of our employees and have had nothing but positive feedback. We also use the “ChargeGuard” which allows us to limit others from parking in our spot and charging their vehicles without permission, such a great feature and worth every penny! We previously had an issue with our breaker, after contacting the support team they walked us through resetting this and getting it working. Not only did they help but they sent us a replacement device for two weeks in case we needed to swap it at any given moment.

Can not thank the team enough for all of their hard work and being able to support our entire office so thoroughly! Thanks again!

R. Patel

I have received the charger and it’s working great! Appreciate the great service from ClipperCreek and I am a very satisfied customer!

Mark and Melissa Davis

Thank you for your call yesterday. I have read a lot of reviews on your chargers and how great the product is, but even greater is your customer service in my opinion. Thank you for your assistance with getting this shipped so quick. Again thank you for the excellent service.


I have to say this is possibly one of the most unexpected and appreciated emails I’ve ever received!

I’m sure this doesn’t seem like much on your end, but I am truly amazed that you took the initiative on many different parts of this shipment!

1. You found a way to save me money after I happily paid for my product and shipment. This unsolicited gesture is a wonderful example of going that extra mile!

2. You introduced me to, or reminded me of, any possible incentives that would be available and even included the link!

3. You provided tracking numbers, and invoices to help ease any concerns I might have.

4. Joel, you copied Brandon which tells me there are a few people helping my EVSE arrive and you’re doing your best to keep everyone in the loop.

As you might imagine, I have never owned an electric car before. I have a million questions! I searched around the Internet for hours looking for the best solution and many many people suggested your company. Most people talked about your warranty or the ease of use of your product. A few talked about your customer service, but clearly not enough.

You have made a customer for life and created a story I will use for years to come with my teams.

Thank you for making my month with this email! I can’t wait to get my new car and will think of this every time I plug it in! Have a great weekend!

Bruce B.

After much research on I discovered ClipperCreek charging stations and explored their website. The information ClipperCreek’s buyer guide was invaluable for me to help make a decision on which unit was best for my vehicle. I own a Prius Prime and learned quickly that bigger is not better when choosing a charger. The buyers guide gives recommendations for my specific vehicle with suggestions of three units to consider. Although the units vary in price from $379.00 to $565.00, they all perform the same as the Prius Prime can only accept 3.3kWh resulting in a listed 2.5h charge time. All the units that were suggested rated the charge time as 2.5h at a range of 11 miles per hour. I selected the LCS-20 – as I only had a 20A, 220V circuit in my garage.

The LCS-20 actually charges my Prius Prime in 2 hours and delivers a milage range of 30 miles!.
The build quality of the LCS-20 is incredible. A simple design with very solid construction.

I installed the LCS-20 myself as I have some experience with electrical installations and the directions were very clear. The unit is installed outdoors and has a GFCI circuit built in. The unit goes through a self check each time it is turned on. I installed a double pole double throw switch in line with the unit so that I can switch it off when the charger is not being used.

The unit that ClipperCreek sent me had a loose connection nut on the supply line which I was able to tighten up, but when I informed customer service that it was loose, they insisted that they replace the unit although I believe the charger was safe. They sent a replacement out the same day and told me I can use the original unit until the replacement arrived.

LL Bean customer service has always been the standard that all customer service should try to emulate. I think that ClipperCreek exceeds LL Beans customer service in their desire to make sure that I was happy and more importantly, safe with my purchase from them. I highly recommend ClipperCreek and also appreciate that their product is made here in the US. 97.9 The Hill

Clipper Creek is one of the leading names in EV charging equipment and has a wide range of chargers that are highly compatible with different models. They have a great tool on their website, simply enter the vehicle make and model and the site will display all the compatible equipment available.

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Great device. Great customer service!

Why Choose ClipperCreek? Let Our Fans Explain.


Bruce R.

Your video showing indestructible character of ClipperCreek charging station sold me on ClipperCreek! Word of mouth recommendations universally point to ClipperCreek (just so that you know). Good job!


Space Trilogy

This charging station is awesome. It was taking me 10 hours to charge my Nissan Leaf 50% of the battery capacity. Now, I can completely charge the car in less than 4 hours. It was easy to install next to the electric panel on my house, and the 25 foot cable length for the charging cable is perfect to reach my car in front of my house. This will save me money by only charging during off peak hours.


Tim S.

I have an LCS-25. It always works. I will never purchase another brand of charger. Period.


Daniel B.

Great product. This unit was easy to install myself, and has been working flawlessly. I just plug in the charger to my car and it is ready to go again in 40 minutes to one hour. I am very happy.


W. Jang

I wanted to let you know that I was able to get the charger installed and it’s juicing up the car just fine! Installation was done without a hitch and the charger is easy to use. A big thank you for getting the charger out to me so quickly and for creating such a great product.



I. Love. My. ClipperCreek. No more hauling my car’s bulky cord. Know I’ll have a pretty fast charge. Mine is outside near my driveway. I just pull in and hook up. I need only about 6′ of cord so keep the rest wound. Made me love my Leaf too.


David E.

A great product; easy to install and use right out of the box

David C.

Perfect for charging my Chevy Volt! As small as the 120V Charging station that comes with the car. Plugs into a standard 30 Amp electric dryer outlet so you get the faster charging time.


Ed K.

I’ve had mine for three years now, started with a Ford and now I charge a Tesla Model “S”. I’m wired with a 48A breaker and #10 wire. I get 25 to 28 miles of travel per hour of charge on my “S”. Works like a champ, very reliable. I use the Tesla adaptor.



Came as ordered, well packaged and on time. Worked as expected and reasonable price. Not much more to ask for.


Vince @ Meanstreets Performance

Purchased the LCS-20 from ClipperCreek. Love it, shipped fast, well packaged and just as described. Its a bit smaller than I had expected. Easy to mount to the wall. Great system, easy hook up, hardwired it in to 220V at my business, took me 15 mins with its own shut off box. Charges my 2016 Volt in 5 hours. Now I need to get another one for the house. Will see you soon!!


Thomas C.

Got the unit installed on the wall yesterday. Well put together and mounted easily. Cord can be easily wrapped around the unit for storage. Charges the car quickly, and isn’t overly large like the BMW version I saw at the dealer. Would recommend to anyone with an EV.

D. Bense

Great product, will be buying 2nd unit in the coming months.

B. Marsh

Very well designed product and packaged well for shipment. Cut my charging time by more than half. The fact that it is portable allows me to take it with me when I drive distances to friends’ homes as, often times, they have the same 240 outlet as I do.


Excellent value and performance. Charges C-Max Energi in 2 hours.


Harry L.

I bought a ClipperCreek 30A EVSE three years ago for my first electric car, and it’s been performing well ever since. Trouble-free and rock solid. That’s why I decided to buy a second one (this one)!


David G.

My charger arrived two days before it was supposed to! It was packed extremely well. I had excellent, friendly communications with a responsive human being. The unit itself looks rock solid.


Heidi F.

I am completely satisfied with the purchase. It was easy to install, directions were clear, it is good quality and it arrived fast!


Harry L.

Ordered this charging station for a recently purchased 2013 Chevy Volt. It is a high quality, low cost station for those not interested in all the bells and whistles of the more expensive charging stations. The build quality is very good and I believe it should last for years to come. I would definitely recommend this item to people.

Joseph W.

Product arrived on time, I had already run the plug for the charger, so within a few minutes I was charging my Chevy Volt….Highly recommended…


Easy three wire install, have been using for 2 months now and it always works. My Chevy volt use to take 10-16 hours to fully charge on the 110 charger. Now I am fully charged in about 4 hours. In fact, I have used 0 gas in the last 2 months, even though some days I have driven over 75 miles (charged in between running errands). Greatly increases available range & the price is great, just get one!!



Easy to install and it works as advertised. Due to where my power was located, I needed to orient the device upside down. I called ClipperCreek and they said any orientation works fine- some even mount it to the ceiling. Now mine is mounted to the ceiling. Made in US. Great price. No complaints.


So far this product has performed flawlessly was easy to install. It was also packaged very well. Very satisfied.


O. Solomon

Having this charging station at home makes all the difference.  We don’t have to worry about using a charger at work, etc.  We are enjoying our BMW i3 even more because of you guys!


It’s pretty much exactly how described, the irony is that it is relatively the same size as the 110 volt charger that came with my fiat yet obviously charges way faster than that unit. Being idiot proof helped a lot with the install, can’t be any easier with basic electrical skills.


D. Harris

Excellent charging station. We have a Chevy Volt and Ford Focus Electric and it’s so nice to come home from work and be able to fully charge my car while my wife charges her car during the day.

Arthur R.

Great. It’s actually our second LCS unit…the first is a few years old and working just fine.



My order arrived promptly in 3 days and we had no issues with the quality or installation. This product is extremely easy to use and the charging time for my Volt was cut down significantly. We are very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend this product.

Daniel S.

Awesome charger. Easy to install. No complaints.


D. Overton

The 240 volt charger is great. We own two homes and may add another one to our vacation home. The GM – Volt online forum was where I heard about your products. They really love them and so do we.


Easy installation. Cord wraps neatly around the unit, and the holster lines up with the other holes for alignment on the same stud. I didn’t make sure that when the electrician installed the box, it was close enough to the stud to allow stud installation, so I had to use wall anchors, but that is fine. Very nice to cut my total charge time for an almost complete discharged Leaf to around a sixth.


Gordon B.

I purchased the LCS 30 hard wired in July 2017 and have had no problems with it. I had it professionally installed. I would still recommend this product. I own a Chevy Bolt. I would have purchased an EVSE with higher Amp setting, but my house’s electrical panel wouldn’t allow room for the LCS 40 or 50. I have had no issue charging my Bolt with the LCS 30.



This works good for my BMW xdrive40e. It can fully charge in 3 hours.

M. Haddock

Our charging station arrived well ahead of the estimated date — we got it on Nov. 27 and were told it would not arrive until Dec. 3. This was great because the electrician came on Nov. 28 and installed the unit. It works perfectly. It is simple to use, charges our Leaf in great time. We are very happy with it.


Bob Harris

We couldn’t have been more pleased to see Tesla partner with ClipperCreek for the pedestal and J1772 portions of these installations.  Each site we’ve done has featured one or more HCS-60 units to future-proof the installation and prepare for EVs with higher charging current capacities.

Bob Harris Black Bear Solar Institute


Paul S.

It has been three months since we plugged in our ClipperCreek charger to an existing welder outlet in the garage, with nothing but solid performance ever since.  When we bought our new Chevy Volt (which we love, BTW), we were led to believe that we needed a to have 50A circuit installed by a licensed electrician, but with the ClipperCreek unit, our modest 30A 240V outlet was more than we need.  It just works…


Hidden Daisy

This chargers is great! I didn’t want to pay twice the amount to get the official Nissan Leaf charger. My electrician dad researched this one and said we should give it a try. He bought one for his Leaf as well. Both installations went smoothly and both chargers work great! I don’t get the logic of how twice the power = three times the speed of charging, but I’m very happy it does!


Excellent product for my 2021 Chevrolet Bolt. Truly a Plug and Play product. Plugged into an existing NEMA 14-30 receptacle in my garage and although not the highest output available for the 30 amp circuit, it does charge my Bolt to full in a very acceptable time. Kudos to Amber at ClipperCreek for her customer support! 2 day shipping request arrived earlier than expected.


Eric H.

I’ve used this for about two months now with my 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In. Have been quite pleased with it.

1) Its operation is simple. You just plug the J1772 connector into your car and it just works (i.e., the car actually controls the charging process).


Car Doctor

Item was very well packaged and arrived quickly. I am a 35 year electrician, so charger was very easy to install and use. Works flawlessly charging my 2012 Nissan Leaf, would recommend to anyone looking for a great charging station at a great price.


Bob Harris

We always turn to ClipperCreek for the best value in rugged and reliable EVSE hardware that we know we can count on for years of trouble-free public use.

Bob Harris Black Bear Solar Institute


L. Workman

I love this charger. I’m installing them in all my rentals. Thanks!

Johnathan H.

The charger was packed well and was exactly as described. I could tell right away that ClipperCreek takes great pride in this product by the way it is packaged and labeled.

Kathy Knoop

I find the ClipperCreek chargers to be easy to use and reliable. Our employees love them!Kathy Knoop Electric Transportation Coordinator. 
Salt River Project


Russel C.

The Charging Station was easy to install. It has been in service for only two days, so we do not have any performance observations yet. The long power charging cord is very handy and yields good versatility for parking locations.


Ed Z.

Just what I wanted for my electric car at a great price!

Bill S.

Great units, this is my third (for different residences). Highly recommended and works great with my Tesla with an adapter (which allows me to share the unit with my daughters Ford).


A. Atwood

Unit is very compact and has the minimum indicators to show what is happening. I would strongly recommend this product. It works as well as any expensive Level-2 charger and is very portable.


Michael M.

Excellent charger for my Volt. It arrived quickly and was very well packaged for shipping. I would buy again.



I am an electrician and found this to be one of if not the best and easiest system to install for my customer. Compact design with a neutral color that does not stand out on the exterior of the dwelling. It has on board self diagnostics and more importantly GFCI (shock protection). I am waiting for feedback from my customer to evaluate the product as far as the charger is concerned.

Rob H.

I am very pleased with my new charging station. It is simple to operate and charges my Nissan Leaf very quickly. It is well made and it looks great on my garage wall. The popping sound that it makes when you first plug in takes a little getting used to, but other than that it is perfect!


Barbara S.

Great company, charger works perfectly for our Volt.



Just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my ClipperCreek EV charger. I LOVE the faster charging times. 



A. Neilson

A great reasonably priced maximum capacity charger for the Chevrolet Volt Gen 1.


William C.



A1 Sun, Inc.

Excellent product and very quick delivery, often exceeds estimated delivery date and has arrived as quick as overnight. We have ordered over a dozen of these and always had great experience with the seller.


R. Frazier

Got it all hooked up to 240 power and now I’m charging my new electric car. Works great and well worth the price. Very happy!


Bryan M.

Unit is basic and utilitarian. These are Excellent traits! Does exactly what it says it does… Provide power to the car. Car started charging no issues with switches or settings. Plug in to wall. Plug into Car. Walk away. Indicator lights are easy to see even in daylight. Cord is good length. 25′ cord. Very happy with purchase.

Core Em

The EV charger worked as expected. The car actually charged faster than I thought. Great service with fast shipment. Thanks!


Tami P.

My package arrived today. Many thanks. I opened the box. Great bubble wrap packaging, everything you folks do is first class. I appreciate this. And thank you for the shirt. Promise I’ll wear it occasionally when I’m driving my new SMART EV For Two. The moment that EVSE charges it’s first full time successfully, I’ll be stopping people on the street to tell them about Clipper Creek.
Go Giants! Go Clipper Creek!


John M.

Thanks for the heads up on the tax breaks! This is actually going to be part of my track equipment for my Brammo Empulse R Motorcycle. I’ve been using your low voltage charger at home for 2 years now and it works great. Keep up all the good work ClipperCreek!


A1 Sun, Inc.

Excellent product and very quick delivery, often exceeds estimated delivery date and has arrived as quick as overnight.


Greg W.

Installed a month ago to charge my 2014 Chevy Volt. Full charge takes about 4 hours. Very happy and installation was a breeze (I already had a 220V circuit in the garage).


J. Marshall

Thanks for the heads up on the tax breaks, this is actually going to be part of my track equipment for my Brammo Empulse R.  I’ve been using your low voltage charger at home for 2 years now and it works great.  Keep up all the good work you guys are doing!


Cheryl R.

I had trouble getting it installed because I have an older house with a full breaker box but I was able to move circuits to a double pole breaker to make room. Product works perfectly!


Luis R.

VOLT 2016 Owner: I plugged it in and it charged in 4.5 hours! So far so good! Great Product!

Mark A.

The seller was quick to respond to my questions (although neith of us could understand why the emails did not come through on my main address). The unit is just what I expected and the few times I have now charged my car, performed to expectations.

Clyde Z.

Great value by US company!



This works as advertised. I setup outside, took about $120.00 in electrical materials. It cost about another 100-200 for labor depending where you electrical box is.


Bob Harris

When our non-profit places public EV charging stations in remote areas where there are no backup alternatives, the units we choose have to perform with perfect reliability or drivers get stranded, so we always install ClipperCreek.

Bob Harris Black Bear Solar Institute


Thomas B.

As advertised, prompt delivery. Impressed by three year warranty.


Phoenix K.

I love this place and have watched it grow over the last couple of years. They have the coolest staff and am amazing product. Did you know they are number 45 of Sacramento’s 85 CleanStart companies? They’re a local US made Electric Vehicle company. Their complementary chargers are awesome and I find a lot of them in historic places like the Colfax Amtrak.


I. Mokhtarzada

I’ll definitely go with Clipper Creek for my future EVSE needs!


Ellen H.

Got great info from Clipper Creek customer service before ordering. Couldn’t get much from Chevy Volt folk nor electricians rewiring our house. Charged Volt in less than 4 hours last night with no charge left, instead of 10 with 120v, cool. The charger is portable, actually fits in the Volt storage space (never saw that mentioned anywhere) and we applied for the Georgia Power rebate for $250.


Frederick Greenhalgh

We’ve been installing ClipperCreek electric vehicle charging stations for more than three years and the results have been excellent for our customers and our business. As northern New England’s leading solar energy company, our goal is to help people eliminate fossil fuels and carbon pollution. ClipperCreek charging stations have proven to be robust in our relatively harsh climate, enabling our customers to reliably charge their electric vehicles and enabling us to focus on building more solar energy projects rather than dealing with EVSE hardware headaches. With transportation accounting for roughly 1/2 of all carbon pollution in our region, solar + EV charging with ClipperCreek is a critical part of the transition to a clean energy economy. 
Frederick Greenhalgh Digital Marketing Manager
ReVision Energy, a Certified B Corp



When we bought our Nissan Leaf at the first of December 2016, we had to charge the car using regular house current. It took 7 or 8 hours to charge the car. I did research and found that ClipperCreek was highly recommended as a charging device. We are totally pleased with this product. It came promptly, was well packaged and had all the information we needed to go ahead. We hired a local electrical contractor to do the job. This was quickly accomplished and we have been happily using the station since.

The time to charge has been more than cut in half. I love our electric car and I also love the charging station that makes it possible for me to drive our zero emission car. Thank you, ClipperCreek!


Michael Mcrae

This is the best money can buy! USA! The product was well packaged, and the quality of the charger has been impressive so far. Made in the USA tells me everything I need to know about the pride and craftsmanship that went into this charger. I bought this unit before I bought my BMW I3 because this charger would work perfectly for my needs. Thank you very much everyone at Clipper Creek!

Customers Rave About ClipperCreek’s Customer Service


Chris G.

I must say that you folks have a very good customer service organization. Very refreshing and much appreciated. Wish more B and C had your approach – most are heading the opposite direction.

Keep up the great work – please share and celebrate!


Ron S.

After I inadvertently ruined the plug that supplied power to my ClipperCreek charger, I turned to ClipperCreek’s Charles in customer service for urgently needed help. Within about 3 days I had received a replacement “plug whip” (cable and plug assembly) and was back on line charging my Chevy Volt. This is about the best customer service I have ever encountered. I couldn’t ask for more.


Steve J.

Joel spent a long time with me going over options for a double charging installation in our Cohousing/Condominium community. He clearly knows the ClipperCreek equipment very well. He has patience and a sense of humor. I think ClipperCreek is lucky to have him working with customers like me.


Jeff W.

I just spent awhile chatting online with Joel. I had a lot of off-the-wall questions, but he stayed on track & answered in a way that I could understand. I expect to follow-up when I add 240V service.


Happy Customer via Website Chat

“I just finished a transaction with Jose at your location. Please extend a thank you to him. His customer service lived up to your statement regarding world class service. Thank you!”


Stefan D.

Thank you for your quick response! You folks ALWAYS rock with your support. Truly refreshing these days. One happy customer…


Mark C.

This is the most awesome receipt email I’ve ever gotten. This is what I call “Great Customer Service!”


B. Woodson

Thank you again for the exemplary customer service, and the excellent warranty.


A. Podlesny

Thank you Justin and Amanda, It is pleasure to deal with real people and real company.


K. Lee

Extremely happy with the level of service, Very Very prompt and great customer service!!!


Ed B.

It was an awesome experience, great people.


Bruce B.

I am seriously impressed with the customer service I have received from ClipperCreek.  Very knowledgable, super fast responses to all of my inquiries.  The product I ordered was in stock, so I will have it in a couple of days…which is amazing.  Highly Recommended.  Thank you.


Steve T.

ClipperCreek provided the best retail experience I have had in years. They provided all the accurate information necessary to make an informed decision on what product to buy, answered additional questions I had promptly, and shipped an excellent unit that performed exquisitely in record time.


Danilo T.

As I am leasing a new electric Smart Car, I decided to get a reliable charging station. My colleague and another friend use the LCS-20 already, so when I went on the website and still wanted to ask a few questions, Joel replied right away through the online chat service. He was very helpful online. I then called and asked for him, and once more he gave me all the assistance I needed. My charger will be arriving next week!  🙂


Mike L.

I really appreciated the responsiveness of Clipper Creek’s staff, especially Joel.  He answered all my questions and helped me to find the right charger for my new Pacifica Hybrid.  None of the other manufacturers of this equipment could match the personal service I received.  Thanks!


Cathy B.

Your customer service is top notch!  Joel helped me with questions both by the site’s messenger and by phone, on two separate occasions. Reps are easy to get hold of and  quick to answer questions.  It’s greatly appreciated!



Joel was extremely helpful. I’m just learning about all this PHEV stuff and he made a recommendation that best suits my needs without buying more charger than I can use. Great Job!!!


Marko J.

Thank you and ClipperCreek for your outstanding service! I truly appreciate it! 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up!


Mark W.

Thanks Joel – you guys are amazing.  Rarely do you see such integrity in the market anymore.


D. Yang

Thank you and I’m very impressed by your exceptionally excellent customer service!!!


J. Atha

Thanks again for everything. You guys go overboard in good customer service!


Kenny T.

Excellent customer service.


T. Scatena

Your company is absolutely awesome.


Mike S.

Thank you so much for spending the time to explain to me the different types of charging stations. You are extremely knowledge and answered all of my questions. I will be placing an order in the morning once I confirm the amps on my plug. Great job and keep up the good work!

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