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Charging from the Grid

When a driver plugs their EV into their home charging station, they typically utilize power from the electric grid to refuel their battery. Because of this, most utility companies will have a time of use, also known as times during the day when utility costs are cheaper due to lower demand. During times with higher demand, utility companies can charge more for the same amount of electricity.

Solar-Optimized EV Charging

Though not yet standardized, the introduction of solar-optimized charging stations will revolutionize residential EV charging. Solar-optimized charging technology will enable owners to primarily recharge their EV battery with surplus electricity from rooftop solar instead of relying on a public or shared power grid. Drivers will be able to optimize their charging power from an energy management app on their smartphones, including reducing charging currents during times with little sunlight or high electricity usage. This will drastically reduce costs and improve self-consumption. Additionally, a household that runs entirely on solar power can virtually eliminate most of its electric bills in the long term.

Bi-Directional Charging Capability

Bi-directional charging capability will enable EV charging stations to run both vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid applications, allowing surplus electricity to flow back into the power grid or residential solar batteries. The latter solution would allow this excess energy to be stored in solar batteries for future use. For example, bidirectional charging stations can become a backup power resource during potential grid outages. This is yet another one of Enphase’s many upcoming ambitions: Production of solar-optimized EV charging solutions with bi-directional charging capabilities, for new and existing solar owners alike. 

Enphase Leads the Charge

Already the world’s leading microinverter-based solar and battery systems supplier, Enphase Energy continues to expand its leadership role in global energy technology. Through its recent acquisitions of ClipperCreek and SolarLeadFactory LLC, Enphase leads the charge in developing next-generation, bidirectional, solar-optimized EV charging solutions for homeowners and installers alike.

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