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America’s First Plug-in Hybrid Minivan.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica PHEV

Base MSRP: From $40,245

  • Hybrid Touring Plus – From $40,245
  • Hybrid Touring L – From $42,445
  • Hybrid Limited – From $45,795

Tax Credit: Up to $7,500

Battery Size: 16 kWh

EPA Range: Up to 35 electric miles, 520 total miles

Charging Acceptance Rate: 6.6kW

Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid_2017
Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid_2017


Performance: 16.2 kWh Battery, plug-in hybrid 3.6-liter, V6, 287 horsepower

Mileage estimate: 84 mpge

Price estimate: From $40,245 to $45,795

Warranty: 3 years / 36,000 miles

Drivetrain warranty: 5 years / 60,000 miles

Roadside assistance: 5 years/ 60,000 miles

Corrosion Warranty: 5 years / unlimited

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Hybrid Review


Chrysler did a nice job of creating its relatively new minivan – the versatile Pacifica.

Developed in 2017, the Pacifica is offered in traditional gas-powered mode, but also as a hybrid with electric capacity, making it appealing to anyone who wants to go green. It features a light, yet solid body structure with a sleek, stylish exterior, and has an appealing interior that is both comfortable and smartly designed.

In 2017, Chrysler bid farewell to the aging Town & Country minivan, an automobile it had produced for more than two decades with some degree of success. Realizing the peak years for minivans were in the rear view mirror, it’s a little perplexing that Chrysler didn’t waste any time in manufacturing the Pacifica.

But sales have been very steady for the Pacifica. Chrysler sold 118,274 models in 2017 and a year later that figure was nearly identical (118,322). Industry insiders rate the Pacifica right up there at the top, alongside the venerable top sellers – the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

What some folks might object to is the sticker price. The Pacifica Hybrid-EV is high for a minivan, starting at right around $40,000. But there’s a $7,500 federal credit and in California there’s an additional $3,500, thanks to the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.

Charging and Range

In electric mode, the Pacifica goes 33 miles before a charge is required. While that’s not a large distance, it could serve as the daily commute for anyone who works close to home or is taking the kids to school and back each day.

Mileage estimates for the Pacifica Hybrid as an EV are 84 mpge. When the Pacifica switches over to a hybrid it still outperforms other minivans, possessing a mileage estimate between 28-32 mpg. And it can go roughly 520 miles before a trip to the pumps is required.


The Pacifica provides good handling, solid performance and has the versatility that folks are looking for in a minivan that seats seven and can tow up to 3,600 pounds. It has an exterior resemblance to the Chrysler 200 sedan in terms of its curvy nature, classic grille and accented taillights.

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Media Video Review: 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

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