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Increase traffic and sales by engaging clients longer.

Attract new and loyal customers eager to patronize businesses who are focused on supporting the transition to electric mobility.

ClipperCreek offers a variety of commercial charging stations and mounting solutions perfect for airports, universities, casinos, hotels, shopping centers, and more.


  • Satisfy corporate emissions reduction goals
  • Support the use of domestic fuel
  • Boost commercial property values
  • Attract more clientele for a LONGER period of time

“Why would I restrict it? The cost is next to nothing. And folks are likely to come in and have a drink as a goodwill gesture anyway.”

Deanna Crossman

Co-Founder of Mayton Inn

Cary, NC


If you are interested in commercial charging costs (workplace charging, fleet charging, destination charging, or multi-unit dwelling charging), please see our page below. The charts use the average US commercial electric rate (December 2019).

Learn More: How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle – commercial rates

clippercreek commercial public-charging caribbean Resort and Villas Myrtle Beach SC
HCS-D50 Hardwired ETL Energy Star Certified


Dual charger, two cables

HCS 40R energy star and safety certifications


24A | Level 2 | 240V

PMD-10 Pedestal

for ACS, LCS  HCS & Tesla

HCS Pedestal

with Cable Management

ClipperCreek Pedestal

It’s the right time to invest in charging infrastructure

EVSE infrastructure is more affordable than ever before

There are many federal, state and local incentives for installing commercial Level 2 charging stations at your business. Click here for a list of some of those EVSE incentive programs.



clippercreek hcs ev charging stations installed at UC Davis Mondavi Center Parking Lot Public EVSE Chargers

Install at UC Davis Mondavi Center - Davis, CA

CS Liberty EV charger on pedestal

To find out more about some of our other partners, please visit:

ClipperCreek Partners

ClipperCreek partners with a variety of businesses for various commercial charging solutions. If your business has unique needs, ClipperCreek likely has a perfect solution. Contact us to learn more.

Liberty PlugIns

Liberty PlugIns provides easy-to-use, low cost, flexible EV charging systems for shared parking areas. Whether you simply want to limit access to EV-charging, bill for energy usage, review reports, or implement a utility Demand Response program; from simple to complex, Liberty PlugIns and ClipperCreek have your solution. Learn more:

Recently, Liberty Plugins, Inc. and ClipperCreek jointly announced that their HYDRA Electric Vehicle Charging System has been added to PG&E’s EV Charge Network approved vendors list. Commercial building owners can now provide cost-effective charging services to employees, customers and tenants without sacrificing performance or features. Read more >

Charging Station Installation

Do you need an electrician to wire an outlet or install a hardwired charging station? ClipperCreek is happy to have an extensive database of recommended charging station installers. Find one in your area today.

Charging Station Installers >

HCS EV charger Installation

Latest Commercial Charging News from ClipperCreek

7 Common Myths about Electric Cars, Debunked

7 Common Myths about Electric Cars, Debunked

Electric vehicles are no longer a vision of the future — their role in our present drives us towards a more sustainable tomorrow. ClipperCreek is separating facts from fiction by debunking some of the most pervasive myths surrounding electric cars. Drivers deserve to...

Level 3 EV Charging Stations

Level 3 EV Charging Stations

What is a Level 3 Charging Station? Level 3, or DC Fast Charging – Level 3, sometimes referred to as DC Fast Charging or DCFC (direct current fast charging), ranges from 200 to 800 VDC (direct current volts) and can recuperate up to 60-80% of an electric vehicle's...

EV Friendly Destinations in New Hampshire

EV Friendly Destinations in New Hampshire

Photo Credit - Glen House and Mt Washington Auto Road Lodge, PlugShare.comNew Hampshire, unfortunately, doesn't have an adequate public charging network - almost no DC fast chargers and slow Level 2 chargers located only in a handful of cities. The Glen House has...

Commercial Sales Contacts:

For more information or assistance with our commercial electric vehicle charging solutions, please contact your Manufacturer’s Representative. Contact information for your Representative can be found by clicking on your state.

ClipperCreek Team at ACT 2019
Stuart Irwin, Erik Mason, Will Barrett, Don Francis, Tim Mangin
ClipperCreek TE EXPO 2019

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2018 Product Catalog

View or download the 2018 ClipperCreek catalog to see our complete product line up including charging stations, accessories, mounting pedestals, cable management and apparel. Contact your ClipperCreek commercial sales representative if you need a copy.


Commercial, Fleet, Workplace or Multi-Dwelling Unit
General Information

If you have questions or need general information regarding Commercial, Fleet, Workplace or Multi-Dwelling Unit EVSE Sales, please contact:

ClipperCreek 2018 Product Catalog Cover

The Highest Standards. The Happiest Customers.

Here is what our clients are saying

Bob Harris, Black Bear Solar Institute

When our non-profit places public EV charging stations in remote areas where there are no backup alternatives, the units we choose have to perform with perfect reliability or drivers get stranded, so we always install ClipperCreek.

We admire ClipperCreek for their commitment to designed and built in the US products, and use and recommend them every chance we get.

Frederick Greenhalgh, ReVision Energy

We’ve been installing Clipper Creek electric vehicle charging stations for more than three years and the results have been excellent for our customers and our business. Clipper Creek charging stations have proven to be robust in our relatively harsh climate, enabling our customers to reliably charge their electric vehicles. With transportation accounting for roughly 1/2 of all carbon pollution in our region, solar + EV charging with Clipper Creek is a critical part of the transition to a clean energy economy.

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